Lipozene Reviews – Here Are ③ Things They Don’t Want You To Know!

What’s my experience with Lipozene?

Over 9 bottles of Lipozene ingested … Not fun… Nope…

My tryst with Lipozene began last year, in summer…

Last year, I had completely given up all hope on ever losing my flab and getting back in my pre-marriage, pre-pregnancy shape.

I saw the *new* Lipozene infomercial and thought what the heck, let’s try this too!

And who would have thought that just a couple of months later, I would be writing a Lipozene review myself! And not a great one at that!

Anyway, onwards to the reviews… let’s go…

UPDATE: December 2 Here are two really great alternatives to Lipozene:
  1. The Capsiplex pill – It’s a thermogenic pill, MUCH better than Lipozene and contains Capsaicin as the chief ingredient. Capsaicin is proven in several studies to aid fat loss in the first few months.
  2. Phen375 – It’s a thermogenic pill too, based on the once super popular drug, Phentermine.

Lipozene Reviews – Table of Contents

  1. What Is Lipozene? What Do You Get?
  2. What are Lipozene’s Ingredients
  3. How Does Lipozene Work? (Does It Even?)
  4. Lipozene Side Effects – The 2 Reasons To Avoid This “Death Pill”
  5. The Path I Took And Some Other Alternatives

What is Lipozene?

Lipozene is a dietary supplement sold by the company “Obesity Research Institute LLC.” (USA).

The basic active ingredient in Lipozene is a substance called Glucomannan, a root of a plant called Konjac.

The “potential” health benefits of Glucomannan are controlling Cholesterol, treating constipation (since it’s a fiber, it decreases bowel transit time) and also potentially useful for Type 2 diabetes.

But the main reason it has got the attention of consumers is of course because of its weight loss claims!

Once the multi-trillion dollar weight loss industry gets a hold of something that could *potentially* be useful, BAMMM! You will be bombarded with “take a pill, lose thousands of pounds” before even testing that stuff!

And this company is notorious for doing a “cash in quickly… before it all crashes”, churn-and-burn sorta thing! SO let’s have a look at the company behind it…

The Company: Obesity Research Institute, LLC

This company has already been fined 1.5 million dollars by the FTC for making crazy claims back in 2005!

Do you remember products such Fiberthin? Propolene?

Just like Lipozene, these were also two fiber-based dietary supplements. The company had claimed these would cause substantial weight loss without a good diet or exercises!

The crazy thing is these 2 banned products ALSO contained Glucomannan as its chief ingredient and made claims almost similar to what Lipozene does.

In short… Lipozene is simply a refurbished version of these banned products, after making some legal alterations in their claims!

Trust me, it won’t be long before we see another FTC fine slapped on this product.

Summary: Lipozene is a dietary supplement with the primary ingredient being Glucomannan, a natural fiber. Its claims have not been independently tested or verified.

What are Lipozene’s Ingredients

The main Lipozene ingredient is a fiber called Glucomannan.

It’s a dietary fiber used in the East for centuries as an aid to relieve constipation and bowel troubles.

Just like any other fiber, it does have its place as a domestic remedy to constipation.

But whether it affects weight loss in any way is still under research . Although there have been some double blind tests that have been successful, there is NOT much proof to associate Glucomannan with fat loss.

Other ingredients in Lipozene are: Gelatin (binder), Microcrystalline cellulose (again Glucomannan), Magnesium Silicate, Stearic Acid, Titanium Dioxide and some added colors.

How Does Lipozene Work?

Lipozene aims to work by helping you eat less food.

The way it claims to do this is by reducing the capacity of your stomach, physically, by filling it with the natural fiber worth zero calories.

Check this image to see it visually…

Does Lipozene Work

So apparently, once you gulp down the pills, YOU MUST DRINK A LOT of water to help the Glucomannan fiber in the pills to absorb it.

When it does, the fiber swells up (a lot) and takes a lot of room in your stomach.

The result is = less space available for food = quick “satisfied” feeling = less food eaten.

Sounds great right?

But it does only in theory.

In reality, there’s much going on in your system that cannot be “fixed” by simply eating less, well actually forcing your body to eat “less food”.

There have been no individual laboratory tests done with Lipozene to validate these claims.

My biggest concern with Lipozene is…

Let’s assume for a minute that it DOES reduce your appetite by making you ‘feel full’.

You start eating less = total daily calorie intake reduced.

You DO start losing weight due it….


It’s not like you have trained yourself to eat less.
You have just artificially “forced” yourself to feel full and eat less. It’s an external stimulus. Once you stop it, your regular system will take control and it’s back to eating like before!

Guess what?
The lost weight comes screaming back!

(More on this below)

Lipozene Side Effects & Problems – The First Reason To Avoid This

The first major issue with Lipozene is the side effects. Although made up of a natural fiber (Glucomannan remember), the fiber is usually given to folks suffering from constipation, as such, it is not intended for this kind of use

1 Bloating: is caused by the huge amount of fiber you are ingesting. Technically it doesn’t seem like you are actually taking too much. Lipozene’s serving size is 2 capsules of 750mg each = 1500mg.

This you take 3 times for a total of 4.5gms every day.

But guess what?

It’s not the amount of fiber that causes problems, it’s the type, form and purity.

When you eat regular fruits, nuts and vegetables containing fiber, they contain a lot of other things NOT contained in plain fiber supplements like in this pill.

As a result, fiber found in natural foods DOES NOT choke your gut! In fact, it helps and nourishes your gut flora.

Anyhoo, this, bloating was one of the biggest reasons I quit Lipozene!

2 Constipation: Of course caused by excess fiber. In spite of what you might have read so far, the fact is that excess fiber (and usually taken long term) can actually cause severe constipation.

If you are eating clean, natural foods, you do not need to ingest extra fiber. More will only block your colon.

And if you are drinking even a bit less water, well, goodness help you!

2 Gas and Flatulence: Fiber cannot be fully digested by your body. This is the primary reason it is offered as a remedy for constipation since it passes quickly through the intestine.

But as it cannot be digested, it DOES FERMENT!

And that causes a LOT of flatulence and gas.

Think about the last time you ate a lot of raw foods, chances are you fired a lot of smellies the next day!

Well, with Lipozene, just imagine loading yourself with a big heap of smellers!

4 Colon injuries: Long term usage of excess fiber can and does cause severe colon damage, including diseases like Chron’s and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Most supplement companies and nutritionists want you to believe fiber passes “unbroken” out of the body in the stool. This assumption is false.

Dietary fiber may not be digestible fully, but it is partially digestible/fermented by pathogenic gut bacteria and yeasts. These bacteria and yeasts ferment the fiber to produce alcohol, acetaldehyde, lactic acid, acetic acid, and a host of other toxic chemicals.

If it sits in your gut for a long time, the bacteria can turn the fiber into acids and toxic chemicals that damage the lining of the colon. This could potentially lead to conditions such as IBS, and a host of other autoimmune diseases.

In short, you do not need all this excess fiber, it’s not going to do any good in the long run.

5 Fatigue, dullness and general weakness: Lipozene causes these effects because you eat less, plain and simple.

You might be in the habit of eating hundreds of calories more than what you would, before starting on Lipozene.

Though your conscious brain is aware of this, your body is not, which makes it go in defensive mode = inducing weakness and fatigue to “save energy”.

I wrote a small daily diary of sorts on my refrigerator, just to note down if/any changes while taking Lipozene.

Here are some of my notes, this will give you an idea of what might happen…

Day 1: Took the 2 Lipozene capsules, drank the required water, didn’t feel much change. Maybe I ate less psychologically feeling full.

Day 2: Took the capsules, definitely felt a little fuller today. Bowel movement was smoother. Great!

Day 3-5: Slight bloating felt, a little stomach cramping in the morning.

Day 6-10: A lot of bloating, I don’t feel like eating anymore coz I think I’ll puke.

Day 10-15: Weight down by about 1.5lbs, but mostly because I am starving! This is not going too well, what do I do about the bloating…

Day 15-20: Mega energy drain. Have to stop Lipozene soon. This is turning out to be a really horrible experience. I am losing a lil’ bit weight, nothing spectacular, but that’s mostly because I am eating so less! Should I stop…?

Day 20-30: Severe stool impaction. Had to go to the family doctor, got yelled at by her for taking so much fiber.

That was a quick Lipozene review of my first 30 days. I have left some minor details, but overall the experience was FAR from pleasant.

The experience worsened when I had a week out of town for some work.

I was taking Lipozene but not enough water and the pills sort of absorbed all the water in my stomach and gut, expanding like any good fiber should!

The result?

One of the worst bout of constipation any one could ever have leading to even more complications. (Can you say fissures!?)

While getting treated for fissures (oh fissures are an insanely painful thing if any of you ladies have never had it!), our family doctor was completely stunned when I told her what I was doing daily!

Lipozene was a horrible experience! And I would have not been so negative had it helped lose a lot of weight… which it did not! :(

I was drained, fatigued and constantly felt full, not in a good way.

Finally when my bowel were almost clogged, I had to stop Lipozene completely or face surgery!

What’s The Biggest Issue With Lipozene? (The second reason to avoid this)

The problem with Lipozene is though the premise looks great – bulk up on fiber, reduce appetite, eat less, and lose weight – our bodies are not that simple.

The body does not function the way we WISH it to.

Forcing it to do something our way only destroys the delicate balance maintained in the most important part of the body – the digestive system.

The great Hippocrates rightly said
All diseases begin in the gut!”

Only this time Sir Hippocrates… we are PLANTING the problem ourselves!

Once you stop Lipozene, you start eating your normal diet and your body start to gain weight almost immediately.

Why wouldn’t it?

You didn’t change anything “inside you” that would MAKE your body not gain weight.

Did you start working out so your metabolism would improve?


Did you start eating the right foods in the first place?


Did you start any activity that would burn off calories naturally?


We don’t do anything different while gulping Lipozene, and we honestly think it’s something that will “burn fat” away from our life! That’s not how life works, unfortunately.

Do I Recommend Lipozene? Any Good Alternatives?

If you have read this Lipozene review so far, you already know what I am going to say.

No! I HIGHLY Do Not Recommend Lipozene!

More than 80% users say (take the quiz below and see your own results) that Lipozene didn’t work for them.

It might help you in the short run to feel full and eat less, but it will wreck havoc with your digestive system.

Apart from problems such as constipation, bloating, cramping, and weakness, the worst thing about Lipozene is that once you stop its usage, your hunger will be back and so will the weight.

Now, to the above, you might say, “Oh well, just continue with Lipozene then!”

And THAT right there, will be the worst path you take.

Dependency is what they want. How else would they profit!?

And so to avoid that, I present to you my own personal case study. After my horrid experience with Lipozene, I started searching for ways I could lose weight, without losing my health and sanity!

And I knew that there must be a lot of disgruntled people like me, so I did a “lipozene results” survey which yielded shocking results!

Here are the shocking results of surveying over 12540 people, right here on this site…

Here are the shocking results of surveying over 12540 people, right here on this site…


84.2% of people said Lipozene DID NOT work for them at all…

1.6% people reported horrible lipozene side effects (I was one of them)…

12.4% people said it worked for them till they continued

1.8% people gave unusable answers…

The most shocking thing was that more than 8 out of 10 people did not get the desired results, and yet we see a Lipozene infomercial almost every night of the week!

So ultimately no, a huge chunk of users say it doesn’t work.

But Then (Back To Square One), What Now?

  • If these shakes and powders don’t work, what now?
  • Are you doomed to be fat forever, like me?
  • Maybe you should keep throwing “Lipozene like” stuff at the wall till you “find something that sticks” ?
  • Or just give up and forget everything?

No, no, and no.

  1. You are not doomed to stay fat.
  2. Nor should you keep trying bazillion new things or give up…

Take it from me, someone who has been through a hellish weight loss journey!

I completely gave up in 2009…


What allowed me to reclaim my health, weight and life was…



… my 84 year old nana!


Sorry for sounding crazy, what I mean is…

It was my nana who helped me lose 62 pounds by giving me the jolt I needed!

It was due to her that I found my really weird “combo method” (more about it below) I am using for the last 4+ years…

… that enabled me to drop over 62 pounds of ugly, unwanted fat…

… get rid of my hypertension…

… and finally feel fit, healthier and confident!

So here are the 3 weird realizations I had that helped me lose my ugly fat hanging out from, well, everywhere!

And NO…

By now most people think I am going to “recommend” some fad diet, or another Lipozene style “fat loss pill”, or maybe even push some powder/shake down your throat!

Well, NO to all of those.

These 3 realizations are something you can start using today, in fact, right now…


Warning: One of these goes against the “current dieting norms” (… and maybe that’s why it works!)

And remember: What I am sharing on this page will allow you the freedom of losing weight without cramping your lifestyle…

So here we go…

First of all… I’ll show you the proof, my own “results” of this weird method…

I was not always a nutrition and weight loss expert

In fact… far from it

Here’s me from 2009…

Me from before 2010

Yep… a poster child for obesity!

And I vividly remember the day I said enough is enough

That was when I was at the lowest point of my life…

242lbs… hypertensive… high sugar… chronically dead tired… emotionally worn out…

The reason I am telling you all this is because you need to know how deep down the rabbit hole I went before I discovered the stuff I am going to share in just a moment…

It was 2009… I was a mother of a beautiful baby daughter and had just quit working (as a nurse) because of “health issues”… :(

I was extremely obese, had ‘caught’ hypertension (and taking meds for it), was chronically fatigued, and almost bordering on a nervous breakdown…

NO confidence to take selfies… whenever someone did take a pic, I used to ” suck in ” and hide my most ugly parts… you probably know how it can be…

NO energy or vigor, like ever… (of course having a baby was already sapping whatever energy was left)…

NO will or mood to do ANYTHING! :(

I was mentally and emotionally… dead .

And The Worst Part Was…

All these obesity induced issues started affecting my relationship with my lil’ daughter! :'(


Yeah, I used to yell at my baby for no reason, was always bitter and just stopped doing activities with her. This was turning out really bad.


The inevitable…

I started buying and trying all sorts of “weight loss products” on a spree!

First I tried the usual fad dieting options… (the usual suspects – Atkins/Paleo/et al)…
… Couldn’t continue for more than 2-3 weeks.

And even after getting some results on some of them… at the end of it… it was like this…

fad dieting result

Next, I started trying various “diet pills”… no results except gone every month…


Yep, I also tried the late night “do nothing yet fix everything!” things… nope, total waste…

Finally… I tried Lipozene… the side effects were HORRIBLE… (you can check on the previous page)…

Why is nothing working

I am trying everything they recommend in the infomercials, magazines, the fitness and health sites, even tried what Dr. Oz recommends! (Raspberry ketones, which is nothing but stupidity, FYI.)

So Why The Heck Is Nothing Working!?

The answer? (is realization no. 1 which I’ll reveal soon…)

So, when everything failed…


That’s it!

Forget it!

I am what I am, fine, let me just be fat, it’s just what I am gonna be forever.

i am quitting

Last bit of hope… crushed…

until… … ?

You guessed it!

The Day My Nana Arrived!

I can still remember the bright, sunny Denver morning when my nana visited us…

And the odd thing was…

The whole week she was with us, she ate a lot less than usual…

On a Sunday morning, at breakfast, I asked her whether she wasn’t feeling well or something? I mean why wasn’t she eating enough?

To that she said… “No pooh, I am fine, I just don’t like to eat all this junk food you folks have…

I mean where’s the food in it… you people are just too lazy to cook real food these days!”

Then she picked a box of ‘ready-to-eat-oats’ and said… “This is not real food pooh, this isn’t what I eat…”

Wait a minute…


She was right!

This IS NOT what she ate.

My nana, 84, was a picture of health…

  1. And she never ate “ready to eat” foods.
  2. And she never ate out of a “box”.

In fact…

There weren’t 1/10th the amount of “boxes” in her kitchen as mine.
There weren’t 1/10th the amount of “ready to eat” thingies in her kitchen as mine.

She simply ate… real food!

Suddenly a clichéd moment, a light bulb kinda moment happened!

  • Could it be this simple?
  • Could I get my health and life back by just “eating real foods”?
  • Could I LOSE my ugly weight by eating what my nana eats?

Well sorry, but no…

Unfortunately just doing that doesn’t help much, I did not stumble on the “holy weight loss grail”, but what that discussion sparked was determination!

If my Nana, at 84 can be in such good health, it is my duty, no, my responsibility to be there for my daughter too!

I owe it to my little princess!

for her

And that’s what sparked me to become… Betty the super geek!

Here’s a sneak-peek of what I did during my ‘research phase’…

So with all that massive research, education, studying, analyzing…

One year down the line…

I was still the same fat girl…

But this time, I was a fat girl with a plan …
… a plan that just had to work as per laws of nature!


I began working as per my plan, March 2010…

… And in November 2010,


Me from before 2010

From a 242lbs, fatigued and totally unhealthy person

I gradually transformed into a fit, healthy, and happy woman who couldn’t stop playing with her daughter. :)

Here’s one more pic… from the front…


But I Didn’t Just Stop There…

To test my plan, I shared the exact system with some of my forum friends (Back then, I was a moderator at a popular weight loss forum) and the feedback was phenomenal!

My system allowed my forum friends, who were like us, to:

  • Lose ugly fat with ZERO calorie counting.
  • They dropped dress sizes, yet maintained lean muscle mass.
  • Most importantly: They ate what they loved! This was the reason everyone continued…

With the awesome feedback (I’ll show you some pics in just a sec…) from the forum members, I knew I was on to something fantastic…

So I developed an entire step-by-step manual around it!

And this step by step manual personally helped me to:

  • Lose 62 pounds of unwanted fat. Not muscle loss, not water weight, but ugly, sagging flab.
  • It took me off the hypertension meds in 7 months.
  • (Finally) allowed me to eat without carrying my iPhone to ” log my calories “.
  • And with my cravings control technique, I have not craved for sugary treats for over 4 years now.

I reclaimed my life. There’s really no other way to say that.

And before I share the specifics of my plan in just a moment…

You must first know the bigger problem YOU are facing right now…

Like me, the REAL reason you are struggling with your weight is…

That we have been lied to for years… and these lies keep us from getting the body we desire and deserve…

One of the major ‘profitable’ lie is…

…That you need some new, ‘cutting edge’, pill/shake/supplement like Lipozene packed in a snazzy, glossy box if you want to lose that flabby gut.


If you are one of the thousands who ever fell for such lies, then you must decide now to at least ‘understand’ the truth.


Else, you will continue down the…

… the path of no return and no end!

Eventually, just like me, you’ll probably just give up on your dream body…

And who’s to blame? You?

NO! Because you have been lied to for years, and if you want to blame someone, blame the crooks who have bombarded us for years with false, misleading advertising, products and claims…

… just so they can make a buck off our suffering!

blame magic solutions

Think about this for a sec…

  • Why do fitness/diet magazines have recurring subscriptions?
  • Why does Lipozene have “monthly supply” options?
  • Why do meal delivery services have unending monthly supply options?
  • Even the current drink you are looking into, why do they want us to continue monthly… forever!?

Wake up and smell the recurring subscription business!

They need us to remain fat.

Their survival depends on us staying fat.

The best scenario for them is for us to stay “plugged” on their product forever.

On The Other Hand… The Truth Is…

  You DO NOT need ANY pill/shake/drink to get back in your best shape!


Because your body, even right now, has the ability to get back in outstanding shape… … and they don’t want you to know that!

In fact, all these lies are what prompted me to start this Lipozene blog in the first place!

YES, I receive angry and almost threatening emails from Lipozene affiliates every day! Guess why!?

Because I tell YOU, their customers the truth…

  • You do not need Lipozene or another diet, pill, shake, powder or drink.
  • You do not need another “monthly” subscription.
  • And you need nothing except a plan of action.

Which Brings Us To The 1st Realization (Of The 3) I Promised…

TIP 1: Stop running after multiple weight loss methods and stick to ONE path!

On average, women like us are hit with over 2800 advertisements every day!

Yet, what we truly need is to stick to ONE path for a better body and better health.

That’s the first major difference between people who dream about losing weight, and people who go and do it !

They stay on ONE path, ONE system, and STICK to it till the goal is achieved!

The Second (Yummy) Tip From My System Is…

 Start enjoying your fats.


You read it right.

For decades fats were regarded as pure evil and something to stay miles away from!

But guess what?

It was all a big industrial propaganda that converted our meat and fat eating population to start consuming more grains…

Never in history have we consumed as much grains as in the last 60 years.

And never in history have we suffered from obesity as much as in the last 40 years!

With the fantastic research on fats in the last few years, we now know that…

FACT: Fats do not make you fat.

FACT: Fats do not raise bad cholesterol levels.

FACT: Fats keep you fuller longer, preventing you from overeating.

And I encourage enjoying fats in my system. Because without fat, food simply tastes like cardboard!


And finally…

Here comes the biggest tip so far…

Tip 3: A Holistic Pairing Of Two Techniques Brings The Optimum Weight Loss Results.

 What’s “Holistic Pairing”?

It means combining the power of two contrasting weight loss methods for maximum benefit.

Let me explain:

The following are undeniably the 5 most time tested and natural ways to lose weight:

  1. Diet control
  2. Yoga
  3. Cardiovascular exercises
  4. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
  5. Other misc workout styles (Pilates, weight training, Zumba etc.)

But the (usual) problems with them:

  • Where and how do you begin?
  • In what order?
  • Do you go for all of these?
  • Which ones are most effective?

And that’s where my Holistic Pairing method triumphs.

It is the magic of combining two of these natural methods with a third, almost unknown and understated method in a very specific way and order that enables you to:

  • Lose ugly fat with zero calorie counting.
  • Enjoy nutritious meals without strict “meal plans”.
  • Continue your current eating style, with no requirement to “go on a diet”.
  • Eat till you are full!


And what I have observed after almost 19500 users (as of Dec 2014), is that the power of this holistic pairing goes beyond all generic weight loss “tips”.

Anyhoo, what you can now do is think over and apply these 3 tips starting today…

  1. Stick to one path, one method.
  2. Enjoy your fats at every meal.
  3. Lose most of your ugly weight with holistic pairing.

Now, you can take this info and go at it alone… and you might just have some luck…

Or you can of course take the easier route and start using my personal system…

It’s the quickest, safest and smartest way to lose weight… without calorie counting and without dumping Lipozene and other “helpers” in your body!

Most of my early members had chosen this system as I had already done the ‘heavy lifting’ (mainly the research, trials with various people, discovering & refining the holistic pair) … in short… it’s all done and ready.

Just to show you… here’s what the majority of you folks chose to do…

I call my system… (aptly)…



And I call it… “The last fat loss program you need, after everything else has failed.”

Coz most women are simply frustrated and confused trying new products, losing on ‘monthly supplies’, and even desperately trying starving!

Fit Finally is the ONLY fat loss program in the world that:

  • Is free from calorie counting, you never ‘log’ your calories.
  • Is free from equipment. No gym required, no weights required.
  • Is proven with over 18500 people using it in the last 4 years
  • Is the most ‘enjoyable’, simplest fat loss system. Period.

And the bestest part is…

Even if you think “Yeah right, I have tried everything”… that’s exactly when this system helps… because IT IS for people who have tried and failed at everything else.

Also if you think “Why would this be any better?” … Because it’s natural, crazy researched, personally being used, AND has the approval of over 18500 women!

And finally even if you think “How can I just trust you, or this program to work?”

That’s when I show you what women just like you are saying about it…

Now, I am not a big company to go and shoot fancy personal videos at people’s homes, instead I’ll share with you some photos and email feedback I have got over the years…

…at 172 pounds last month n have lost about 5.5 pounds so far…
View full sized image

Kelly from London lost a whopping 72 pounds…
View full sized image

…have lost about 8-9 pounds in the last 7 weeks…
View full sized image

Ruby had a classic ‘paunch’, look at her 5 months post Fit Finally…
View full sized image

And here are two more of my success stories… on video! (just click on them to play)

lipozene video review
Lipozene video

(By the way, I added the music later, feels really like a video from one of them high priced programs, nah?)

And here’s an old review (2012) from Kelly (London)…
View full sized image

…lost 3 pounds in just the last 10 days…
View full sized image

Tess from Toronto is now fit, healthy and VERY happy!
View full sized image

…liked that you only asked for one payment…
View full sized image

Mae not only lost a lot of her weight, but was so sweet she taught me some really cool Chinese breathing techniques…
View full sized image

And all these women come from all walks of life…

Many are married…

Many have kids…

Many are single and working…

Many are married, have kids and are working!

But No Matter WHO You Are…

… the Fit Finally system works without drastically changing or cramping your life!

And let’s get real…

If you are just plain tired of all the B.S and confusion out there, then I welcome you to the Fit Finally way of life…

Now, given the unique way the system works, it should cost a lot, right?

And you would be right!

Initially, back in 2011, when I didn’t have a website, I offered the system as a self-learning course on (a tutorial website) for $147… and it sold really well.

What folks got is… (The following text is from 2012)

  • Fit Finally is a combination of an online and offline program. Meaning, you can go through the entire system online (through your mobile or laptop), or you can download everything as printable PDF files.
  • The program is categorized in 7 modules; right from the basics to the advanced holistic pairing method.
  • You will discover how to ‘Eat To Lose™’, and how to combine it for maximum fat loss with my ‘magic ingredient’.
  • You will also get my personal 4 week, step-by-step master plan.
  • Plus, the recent highlight of the program is the inclusion of my stand alone course called the Cravings Control Formula™. This is a full-fledged scientific course that helps you fully master your emotional eating and craving problems.
  • Finally, you get my personal recipe collection including over 300 smoothie, breakfasts, main meals and even dessert recipes…

Now you can see why it was priced at $147… it helped hundreds of people back then with an all encompassing program and with a single payment. No monthly billing nonsense…


Since you came here looking whether that other product worked or not… and which obviously means you are struggling with your weight…

I am going to let you in on my program at an unbelievably low price.

When I first started offering it to my forum friends, I set myself a crazy goal of helping 100,000 people with my program!

Crazy, I know… but guess what… in just 4 years, it’s already helped 18500+ people!

So to continue my dream… I removed the system from, put up my own site and reduced the original price of $147…

First down to $97… which again sold very well… but many women (especially mothers) used to mail me saying it was a lil’ bit expensive for them…

So, finally the price was set at a single $77 payment… which as everyone said was “an amazing low price for the program”…

In fact, most women LOVED that there was just a single payment…

But like I said, since you are obviously confused about whether “that other product” works, I am going to offer you my entire Fit Finally system…

Yes… the entire system with:

  1. The Most ‘Potent’ Eat To Lose Module
  2. The Entire Cravings Control Formula.
  3. My Magic Ingredient That Combines With The Eat To Lose Module.
  4. The 4 Week Step-By-Step Master Plan.
  5. My Personal Recipe Collection!
  6. My Personal Smoothie Collection!

All this and more… … for just a onetime, single payment of $47!

That’s right!

Just a single payment of less than 1/4th of the original price, less than half of a ‘single session’ with a personal trainer, and A LOT less than “monthly supplies”!

And listen…

I said earlier that I am just a single person, I am NOT a big company, so I want you to feel 100% comfortable with your decision…

So instead of the usual “30 days money-back guarantee”

I am going to put my FULL TRUST IN YOU… and give you a crazy…



You have my rock solid 365 days refund guarantee


Losing weight and getting back in shape is a process, not an event … So I want to give you more than ample time to apply its principles to YOUR life…

So take your time and use my entire system for a whole year… and at any point you think it does not deliver… just mail me on, and I’ll refund you in minutes. :)

Like I said… I am not some million dollar company with a 10000 words “terms and conditions” page, so just tell me, and I’ll get back in a jiffy. :)

Still here…?

Good… because I am ‘upping’ the package!

For reading this (rather long) page, I am also going to give you not one, but two of my most personal workouts!

These are created ESPECIALLY for us obese folks.

I customized these 2 workouts with the help of Lisa, who was my $60/hour personal trainer… Here’s me with Lisa…


Lisa was expensive… VERY expensive to work with… but the final quality of the workouts is totally worth it… (plus she’s become a fellow runner now!)

And to think you are getting our workout for peanuts today! :)

So for just a super low price of $47, you are not only getting the definitive system you need for losing weight… but also 2 highly customized workouts that can very well cost anyone hundreds with a trainer!

  • I welcome you with open arms to join our 18500 strong community of “truth seekers”…
  • Join our community of women tired of fake and misleading claims…
  • Join our community of women who stuck to one path and DID IT!
  • Join our community of women who were just like you… who wanted to lose weight… but without calorie counting and monthly subscriptions!

About Your Payment Options & Security:
  • The payment will be done on a “https” SSL secured page.
  • You can pay with any of your credit card or even Paypal™.
  • Your payment is processed by bank level security protocols (called transparent redirects).

In short, your payment is completed with 100% security, and in mere seconds. :)

As soon as it’s done successfully… you will be instantly taken to your members page, where you can access the ENTIRE system right now.

Remember: You have been struggling with your weight for too long and it’s just not your fault.

It’s time to step away from all the lies, monthly supplies and finally start taking the steps that actually make a difference!

The 4 truths that CAN change your life starting today:

  1. You already have everything you need in your body. No ‘outside’ drink, powder, or shake is required.
  2. You do not need to go crazy counting calories to lose that ugly fat.
  3. You can combine the three methods I teach… starting today!
  4. With the 4 week master plan, your life can change 180 o in less than a month!

And the sheer inner pain of continuing life in a state of “inaction”… I KNOW that feeling!

It’s something we don’t share with anyone, people might ‘understand’ it… but nobody can really ‘get’ it…

And… that pain is NOT your fault…


The Responsibility To Take Action Is Yours!

Come, let’s do it! I have done it, you can too!
I am no one special, I am your regular mom with 2 kids!
The only difference between us is… I have a plan… yet…
You can now get it!

P.S. Don’t forget… you have my crazy awesome 365 days guarantee to try the system carefully, and at your own pace…

P.P.S. I also didn’t tell you that you get my personal email too…

Oh yes, I am just an email away, and like mentioned (hundreds of times) before, I am not a company… so whenever you have a question, you get a reply FROM ME! :)

So get in now at the crazy low price… and start going through Module 3 asap! Especially part 4 of that module.

P.P.P.S. Finally, just do not put this off “for later”, here’s why:

The crazy low price of $47 is only valid for a few more days.


To respect my earlier members who paid $77, I don’t want them to feel too bad they paid more than you folks.

So to respect them, I am keeping this $47 window open for just a few more days as a ” new year sale”.

In short, act now , you are getting a ‘half-off’ on this page, plus the payment is done in like 20 seconds!

Now is all we have… let’s do this!


Hmmm, it seems like you probably have a few questions, let’s answer the most common ones:

  • Who am I?

    My name is Betty, I am a 39 year old mother of 2, living in Denver. I am primarily educated in Cardiac Nursing, and have an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food Science.

  • What is Fit Finally?

    It’s a holistic and scientific weight loss program that is created especially for people who rely on external products to manage their weight.

    It is a revolutionary course as it frees the user from “log keeping” or calculators or other mandatory tools usually ‘prescribed’ in most programs.

  • Results? When?

    There are no lies in this program, so I am NOT going to say the usual “Lose 10 pound in 20 days”, instead let me tell you the usual results we see… if you are extremely obese, you will see results as early as in a week. If you are moderately obese, it might take about 3-5 weeks to see some decent results.

  • Will I be going on a diet?

    No, and that’s the best part of this program! You DO NOT change your eating style on this program. For e.g. if you are a vegan, you need not change that, if you love the Paleo diet, you can still continue it!

    The program is the first program in the world to let you continue your current eating style!

  • Will I be charged monthly?

    No. Never. Ever.

And if you have any more questions… just hit me up on

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